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Forest Trail Elementary

Kindergarten Teachers' Top 10 List

  1. Please send your child to school in clothes that promote independence. Overall straps, zippers and buttons can be tricky, so please make sure your child can manage any clothing worn to school. 
  2. Tennis shoes are the preferred footwear. Velcro is extremely helpful at this time of year. Gym classes, the playground, and tiled hallways are just a few of the reasons we love sneakers. 
  3. Your child will need a kid-sized backpack (not a toddler-sized backpack). Please purchase a backpack that is big enough to hold folders and oversized library books. Make sure your child can open it. 
  4. Your child will need a refillable water bottle. We recommend water bottles with no-spill, closable spouts.
  5. We encourage you to enjoy the convenience of pre-ordering school supply kits from your campus’s Booster Club or PTO where available. 
  6. Your child will need one set of headphones. Please do not send earbuds, headphones with volume control, headphones with batteries, or Bluetooth headphones. The simpler, the better.
  7. Label everything. You would be surprised how many children won’t claim their own sweaters, jackets, coats, water bottles, backpacks and lunch boxes.
  8. It is very helpful if your child is independent in opening and closing their lunch containers. Check with your campus for other suggestions for lunch.
  9. The kindergarten expectation is that children are independent in their toileting needs. You are welcome to send an extra set of clothes/underwear in zip-top bag labeled with your child’s name  in case of an accident.
  10. Prepare for feelings of separation anxiety on the parts of both child and parent. Our kindergarten teachers are prepared to lovingly handle your child’s feelings. Learn more on Separation Anxiety.