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Forest Trail Elementary

Meet the Librarian


FTE Librarian

I'm thrilled to be joining Forest Trail Elementary this year!  This will be my seventh year in education and fifth as a school librarian (the best job on campus!).  It's hard to overstate how much reading has influenced and changed my life, and there's nothing I love more than helping students discover and foster that lifelong love of reading to enrich and develop their own lives. Books have a phenomenal ability to open our minds and hearts by letting us see through other people's eyes, which fosters empathy and compassion while helping us learn about our world.

I left a career in technology to become a librarian, which has been a joy every day. In my previous life I launched and managed the Apple School Manager program, which gave me excellent opportunities to talk to school leaders and administration about the technology they were using on campus, their pain points, and what they needed from edtech. As a school librarian I've been able to incorporate those perspectives in the thoughtful integration of technology in lessons to help students become truly information literate and prepare them with 21st-century skills.

My bachelor's degree is from Tulane University, and master's degree in information studies from the University of Texas - Austin. I love to read (surprise!), watch classic movies, play tennis, hike, work/create with my hands, and especially travel.