October 4, 2018       


Another fabulous Falcon Frolics in the books!  The weather cooperated and created an amazing morning for our Falcons. Yesterday was the application of all we hope to achieve at FTE.  The teamwork, encouragement and sportsmanship mixed with the dancing, smiling and laughing was a powerful sight.  Thank you, Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Thomson, for the massive task of organizing the event.   A very special thanks to LB Townsend and ALL of our volunteers who stepped up and staffed those needed positions.  We were very close to cancelling Frolics this year, and your efforts made it possible! 


Additional thanks to Ann Grigg, Gina Miller, Katie Ruback, Sharon Rossie, Joy Krienke and many more for a stellar BINGO night last Saturday.  I loved seeing all of our families enjoying time with each other.  My sincere apologies for any missed calls or missed "BINGOs" due to my screaming son.  Apparently, Knox did not have BINGO or a nap in his plans for his day, and that combination made for a few loud moments.  Lastly, congratulations to Jim Clark for another job well done; thank you for calling our games!


Cardboard Creativity Day and Family Fun Night:  October 19th is going to be a big day at FTE. 


First, that is our annual "Cardboard Creativity Day".  Students are invited to create their own cardboard game at home and bring it to school to share with their class.  This optional activity encourages students to just create – explore a game with cardboard – one where others can visit and play.  The games will be built at home and shared during the day on October 19, 2018.  Please visit to learn more about the history or our arcade.


Secondly, FTE Booster Club will be hosting a Family Fun Night on the playground, and everyone is invited to join us for a fundraiser,  picnics and a movie.  In connection with cardboard creativity day, we are hosting the 1st Annual FTE Drive-In Movie.  Students are encouraged to create cardboard cars and park them under the stars to watch a movie.  There are designs for cars all over Pinterest and Google, but here is a quick "how to" video to get you thinking.


Starting at 6:00 PM, Ceramics Bayou will be on site for students to paint ceramic ornaments.  These will be taken off site, fired, and returned to FTE for delivery.  Two dollars of every ornament sold comes back to FTE, and you will have a one of a kind hand-painted treasure to mark the occasion.   According to our friends at the Farmer's Almanac, sunset will be at 6:58 that evening.  We will start our movie at 7:00, and the FTE Booster Club will be providing popcorn.  Please bring a picnic dinner, a blanket, chairs and/or your very best cardboard car, and enjoy a night with your extended FTE family.


Have a nice 3 day weekend!

Is there a FTE Staff Member You Would Like to Recognize...


Falcon Finest Acknowledgements

Please join me in spreading those feel good vibes around our campus.  Everyday our bus drivers, custodians, office staff, and teachers are doing incredible things.  If there is a FTE staff member you would like to recognize for their contributions, please let  me know by clicking the link below.



Cardboard Creativity Day- October 19th

On Friday, October 19th, students are invited to create their own cardboard game to share with their class. This optional activity encourages students to just create – explore building a game with cardboard – one where others can visit and play. Students will design and build their games at home and bring them to school on the morning of October 19. We will play the games during WIN time for each grade level. Here are few things to remember:


1. All games must be taken home at the end of the day on October 19.


2. Prizes are not necessary for the games, but if your child has prizes as a part of their game, they are not allowed to use candy or anything edible. This is to ensure that our children stay safe. The joy should be in the game.


3. Due to a small amount of space in the courtyard, the playing of the games during WIN is a student only event.


4. For inspiration, please visit




Did you know that there are about 8,000 people in the Austin area that use homeless resources? One of the main things that they need is socks. Old clothes get donated all of the time, but people rarely donate socks. Thank you so much for the generosity of our Forest Trail community this past week, bringing in over 900 pairs of socks! Please keep them coming! Remember to write your child's teacher's name on the package before you donate them so their class can get credit! The class that donates the most socks by October 31st will win an extra PE class.


Save the Date!! October 19 for Movie Night at FTE!!! Bring a picnic and a blanket. 6:00-8:30pm



 A GINORMOUS THANK YOU for Supporting the 2018 No-Hassle Fundraiser!


WOWZA - We are blown away!  Our Falcon Community rocked the No-Hassle Fundraiser this year! 338 families (that's 83%!) donated over $66,000 dollars!!!  This is both a new record level of participation and total contribution amount for our school!  Our fantastic student body and incredible staff will surely reap the benefits of our generosity in the coming weeks and months.  You are making so many of our students' favorite activities and memories happen, as well as helping to fund much needed improvements and additions to classroom technology, curriculum, and campus facilities. 


And now, the moment you've all been waiting are the classes with the highest percentage of participation in each grade. We can't wait to reward you with a Kona Ice Party! 


Kindergarten:  Ms. Chen's class with 100% participation

1st grade:  Ms. West's class with 95% participation

2nd grade:  Ms. Bailey and Ms. Hurst's classes tied with 95% participation

3rd grade:  Ms. Crain's class with 90% participation

4th grade:  Ms. Brookshire's class with 91% participation

5th grade:  Ms. Lindsey's class with 89% participation


Ms. Chen's class also wins a special lunch surprise for their amazing 100% participation level!


Our final raffle winners are: The Fojtik Family, Kelly & Evan Moore, Erica & Jeff Stuecheli, and Cameron & Monica Jones. Raffle winners can pick up their prizes in the office starting Monday, October 8th.


Thank you again to each and every family who donated! Large or small, your contribution makes Forest Trail Elementary an incredible environment in which our children learn and thrive! 


Thank you Austin Yard Cards  Signs for your generous donation to our school!! We love our signs!!


Bhumika Dawson & Kate Hall

No Hassle Fundraiser Co-Chairs


Thank you for coming to FTE Bingo!!


It was a wonderful turnout and a lot of fun!! Thank you to all of our volunteers for a wonderful evening!! A big thanks to Ann Grigg, Gina Miller, Katie Ruback, Sharon Rossie, Joy Krienke and many more!


No Homework Night - Friday, October 5

School Holiday - Monday, October 8

Eanes ISD is beginning discussions on items for a potential 2019 bond. We invite the community to join in on October 16 & 23 as we discuss Energy Efficiency & Conservation. Click the title to see other upcoming project discussions. 

Community Building Inclusive Committee

To apply, click the image above or visit


Thursday - October 4, 2018
All day
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Monday - October 8, 2018
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