March 1, 2018       

Forest Trail Elementary


SMART tag:  Everybody's doing it…but why? 


Now that my daughter is in a real school situation, I'm learning how frustrating managing several parent portals can be.  I am constantly in a battle to pay for pictures and field trips while paying my PTA dues; I see it as the enemy and admittedly, I sign up to stop the reminders, often not knowing what I'm signing up for.  If the first step in solving a problem is admitting one exists, here I am making a public outcry.  I'm learning what many of you have known for a while as I'm at the mercy of all things new and have to play along.  You all as parents juggle the Hub, Skyward Family Access, and now SMART tag in order to stay connected.  I hope the following can provide some insights into the latest addition to your list.


By registering for the new Campus Dismissal Manager within SMART tag, you are helping us out in several aspects.  The intent of the new program is to cut down on interruptions in the classroom.  The amount of lost instructional time was considerable.  Teachers were receiving calls from the office during class and in some cases, feeling tethered to phones and emails to make sure students were dismissed properly.  By creating your default and making any changes to said default, you're saving our teachers by directing their attention and focus to where it should be: the students and instruction.  I'm so excited to have our teachers free from their phones and laptops after 2:00 and able to dismiss from the daily report generated after that time.


Expecting a child to arrive at their stop only to see the bus pull away with your child missing can be a scary and frustrating scenario.  We are looking forward to eliminating this occurrence.  As our friends at Eanes Elementary can confirm, the number of students going home incorrectly or missing a bus due to miscommunication should decrease significantly using the new system.   Additionally, assuring a teary-eyed student that their play date has been canceled is a tall order when nearly 600 students are streaming out of the building.  No one likes the last minute of school to be a sad one.  Lastly, as many of you can attest, the end of the day is very active, and as such, our building is more secure when our attention and efforts are placed on those entering and leaving our building when we are not fielding last-minute phone calls and checking emails regarding transportation changes. 


All changes to your child's dismissal must be made through the system before 2:00 as changes made after this time will no longer be accepted.  Additionally, you will need to go to the parent portal of SMART tag in order to report absences.  While it may feel a little awkward and intrusive, the new system will help our teachers and students be safer, more productive and more efficient. The office staff, teachers and I want to thank the 99% of families who have registered.  You have already done the hard part and made our lives easier, and now it's time to use it.  Please see below for more information regarding how to make SMART tag readily available on your phone.



Thank you.


Cody Spraberry
Proud Principal
Forest Trail Elementary

SMART tag Parent App for Your Mobile Device


The SMART tag parent portal is accessible from a desktop computer or a smart phone. From a smart phone, there is no 'app' to install. However, when you first visit the parent portal website from the phone's internet browser, select 'Add to Home Screen' and a tile (graphic icon to launch apps) will be added on the smart phone for easy access in the future.

Add Parent App to your mobile device Home Screen


Use the SMART tag Parent Portal to Report an Absence

Attendance calls are made for the safety of your child. Attendance notifications are sent by phone, email and/or text message when your student is marked absent from school. If you know your child will be absent from school because he/she is home sick or has an appointment for the day, please notify the school. Please log in to the Smart Tag Parent Portal to document the absence. Eanes ISD will not accept phone calls to document an absence. Do not email the registrar.


After-School Dismissal Changes


Using Campus Dismissal, parents can submit a notification to campus administrators informing the school that their child will go home different than the student's normal, 'default' after-school dismissal. The types of dismissal changes available for parents to submit are unique to each campus and have been customized to reflect campus activities and pickup locations. 


For example, if your child is going to an after school birthday party you must make a change via the Parent Portal for the day of the party.  Please indicate "after school activity" and make a notation that your child will be attending a birthday party in the gym.


For additional information on how to make dismissal changes please visit:


Is there a FTE Staff Member You Would Like to Recognize...


Falcon Finest Acknowledgements

Please join me in spreading those feel good vibes around our campus.  Everyday our bus drivers, custodians, office staff, and teachers are doing incredible things.  If there is a FTE staff member you would like to recognize for their contributions, please let  me know by clicking the link below.




Hello Forest Trail Mothers and Daughters,


Please join us for 13th annual Mother Daughter "GIRLS just want to have FUN" retreat! 


When:  Friday, April 27 through Sunday, April 29

Where: T Bar M Resort & Camps

Cost: $145 per person / $12 per shirt via venmo @FTEMDR         

RSVP: no later than April 4:  https://goo.gl/forms/xXeT7PzCwkKCEKy43


We'll be in touch with more details via email. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Kim Noonan: tailoredtables@austin.rr.com





BookPeople will be holding their 2018 BOOKMARK CONTEST.  Artists in grades K-6 are invited to design bookmarks based on their favorite books. Winners will have their artwork made into bookmarks distributed by BookPeople. Also, the winners will receive a $25 gift certificate from BookPeople.


Read More



Reserve your copy of the Forest Trail Elementary School ALL COLOR yearbook.  Make sure your student has their very own yearbook so the memories of this year will not be forgotten.  BOOKS ALWAYS SELL OUT AND CAN ONLY BE ORDERED ONLINE!  


Read More


Ready to Get Involved?!  Calling for FTE Booster Club Executive Board Nominations:


Want to Get More Involved at FTE? -  While we still have a few months to go until the end of another great school year, it is time for the Booster Club to ask for your continued support for FTE. We would like to invite you to consider a leadership position in the FTE Booster Club for the next school year. The Booster Club will be looking for nominations for the following Executive Board positions for the 2018-19 school year:


Co-President Elects (2) – Shadows co-presidents during the school year, attend general booster club meetings and executive meetings (each once per month), responsible for Muffin Morning organization for the 2018-19 school year.  Support and attend booster club activities.


Treasurer-Elect – Shadow treasurer for the 2018-19 school year.   Attend general booster club and executive board meetings (each once per month).  Support and attend booster club activities.


Secretary -  Records minutes for general booster club and executive board meetings.  Support and attend booster club activates.   Attend general booster club and executive board meetings (each once per month).


The Booster Club appoints an ad-hoc Nominations Committee, which reviews all the nominations received for these Executive Board positions and recommends a slate of officers. The names of the Nominations Committee members, a call for nominations for the Executive Board positions, as well as a list of Committee Chair positions, will be presented to the members at the March meeting.  The slate is announced at the April meeting, and voted upon in May.  If you are interested in nominating yourself or a friend for any of these positions or are interested in a particular committee leadership position, please e-mail our current FTE Booster Club Presidents at ftebccopres1@gmail.com and we will include the names in the nominations process.  Thank you for your continued support of the FTE Booster Club!

Attention All 2nd, 3rd and 5th Grade Parents!!


Parent Social tickets for these grades are NOW on sale at on The Hub at: https://www.studentinfohub.net/fte/default.taf?process=&logout=now


Visit the FTE Booster Club Page for Complete Information, but see dates, themes and host homes below!


2nd Grade

Saturday, March 24th

Home of Chrissy and Brad Compere

Theme: Cheeseburger in Paradise


3rd Grade

Friday, March 23rd

Home of Shannon and Doug Fohn

Theme: Tacos & Tequila


5th Grade

Saturday, April 7th

Home of Katie and Doug Thomas

Theme: Camo Ball


Mandatory parent information meetings will be held regarding 2018-19 Spanish immersion. THESE MEETINGS ARE ONLY REQUIRED FOR FAMILIES NOT CURRENTLY ENROLLED IN SPANISH IMMERSION. Interested parents MUST attend any one of these meetings to be eligible for NEW application to the 2018-19 Spanish immersion program in Eanes ISD.

Easily notify campus staff of dismissal changes, absences, early dismissals and late arrivals - all online! Every parent must set up their elementary child's dismissal instructions so teachers will know where to take your child at the end of the day.

Social-Awareness and caring for others is the EISD SEL focus for the third nine weeks. Empathy is being able to understand and value someone else's perspective and having compassion for others even when they are different from ourselves.


Thank you from EEF


Thursday - March 1, 2018
All day
Friday - March 2, 2018
All day
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
6:00 PM
Saturday - March 3, 2018
All day
Monday - March 5, 2018
All day
Tuesday - March 6, 2018
All day
Wednesday - March 7, 2018
All day
Thursday - March 8, 2018
All day
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM


4101 Bee Cave Road, Austin, Texas 78746


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