August 31, 2017                 

Forest Trail Elementary


The Three "Gives" – Homerooms, No Hassle Fundraiser, Eanes Education Foundation (EEF)



This is a give to support your children and your class immediately.  Funds collected go directly to your current class and finance classroom activities, instructional resources and celebrations. 



This give supports the greater good of FTE.  Funds collected support the campus as a whole and provide for various facets throughout the year.  We are in the middle of our No Hassle Fundraiser to support the FTE Booster Club.  As you can see in the graph, this single event funds nearly half of all Booster Club supported endeavors.  Booster Club contributions are made to directly address student and staff needs on campus.  Grade level field trips, building improvements, classroom supplies and staff professional developments are made possible by the assistance of our Booster Club.  Each of the aforementioned has a direct impact on your students' learning and progress.  Thank you for your continued support and your contribution.

FTE Booster Club Funding Sources


What Does Booster Club Fund?


Eanes Education Foundation:

Did you know that elementary schools are not required to have a full-time nurse or librarian? Additionally, did you full-time Art, Music, PE, and GT teachers as well as Reading and Math specialists also are considered "luxuries"? Thankfully, we have EEF to support these positions our students deserve and we expect, yet the State does not have to provide. Your contribution to EEF ensures EISD students have these key positions available. Please go to https://eaneseducationfoundation.org for more information.


In Summation:

Our students benefit greatly from your contributions in all three arenas.  As you can see, they are all worthy endeavors and are all dependent on your participation.  As we creep closer to September, I ask that you consider being an active participant in all three gives. My hope is that I've not given the impression that one "give" is valued more than another.  High involvement from the Forest Trail community in all three opportunities is a major goal for us this year.  Participation is the name of the game and is the most effective way to support your child today and in the future.



You're Invited…


Principal's Coffee:

This year I will be hosting a Principal's Coffee which will lead into Booster Club meetings.  The purpose of this meeting is to give attendees a glimpse into FTE as we discuss what is going on around campus and what is coming up.  Each meeting will feature a loose focus topic as well.  Join me this Friday at 8:30 – 9:15 in the cafeteria.  I will share information about the summer work, staffing, STEAM carts and more.


Booster Club Meeting with special guest EISD Superintendent Tom Leonard:

Please attend the FTE Booster Club Meeting this Friday at 9:15 in cafeteria.  This will immediately follow the Principal's Coffee and will feature a very special guest.  EISD Superintendent, Dr. Tom Leonard, will deliver his State of the District Address and inform attendees about the district's Penny Swap & Drop.


Book Club:

In our continuing effort to foster gritty and resilient students, we would like to invite parents to take part in a book club hosted by our counselors, Ms. Etter and Mr. Smith, as well as FTE parent, Julia Fortman.  Beginning in October, they will be leading a book club centered around Julie Lythcott-Haims' How to Raise an Adult. Be on the look-out for more details in coming weeks. 



Principal's Coffee is Friday, Sept. 1st, at 8:30am followed by the EISD State of the District Booster Club Mtg. at 9:15am in the FTE cafeteria.

Anaphylaxis, Asthma & Seizure Medication and Authorization Forms


If your child has asthma, seizures or a life-threatening allergy (risk of anaphylaxis), EISD requires that you provide medications and a new emergency care plan or action plan (completed and signed by your child's physician) annually before the first day of school.  If you are running behind schedule, please take an Asthma Action Plan, Seizure Action Plan and/or Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan to your doctor as soon as possible.  You can download forms from the EISD website.


Linda Kimbrough, RN, BSN


(512) 732-9165






No Hassle Fundraiser Updates – Support Your Tribe!


Thank you to all of the wonderful Forest Trail families who have already made their donations to the 2017 No-Hassle Fundraiser! 


Every family that donates will be entered to win one of several family-friendly gift cards. 

Donate early for better chances to win!  Congratulations to last week's winners: Angelica & Mike Lancaster, Virginia & Jed Miracle, Michelle& Kevin Brandl, Debbie & Roger Lopez, and Melissa & Louis Agnese.


We'll be holding a special raffle drawing for those who attend this Friday's booster club meeting and make their no-hassle donation at the meeting!  Join Dr. Leonard and our community to hear about critical Eanes ISD updates, support FTE, and you could walk away with a great prize!


Thank you for your support of our children, teachers, staff and community!  Be sure to donate by September 23rd via the HUB http://tinyurl.com/ftenohassle or Venmo  (FTE No Hassle or @ftenohassle). 



Mark Your Calendars!


JOIN US FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 1ST, for an important Booster Club Meeting on the State of the District with Eanes ISD Superintendent Dr. Tom Leonard. Join us in the FTE Cafeteria for coffee with Principal Spraberry at 8:30am followed by our Booster Club kick-off meeting at 9:15am.   Booster Club will be presenting and voting on 2017/18 budget at this meeting.






Critical Volunteer Needs!


Popcorn shift volunteers.  Did you know that popcorn is booster club's 4th largest fund raiser of the year?   The popcorn committee is in need of three to five more volunteers to fill the 8:00 – 9:30 shift.  You only need to volunteer for 1.5 hours ONCE per month! 


If you can give your time to this great tradition please contact Mia Townsend to learn more at miattownsend@gmail.com or 512-608-7777 and don't forget to purchase your child's popcorn before September 14th via the HUB!!


3rd Grade Host Home Needed for Parent Social – If you are interested in hosting a parent social at your home please email: fteparentsocial@gmail.com.  Thank you as all other grade levels have host homes!  Look for dates/themes and how to purchase tickets soon!


AUCTION PARTY!!! – Our auction chairs will soon be unveiling this year's theme, but if you want a sneak preview and want to be part of the best party of the at FTE email fteauction2017@gmail.com to find out how you can volunteer, become a sponsor and join the party! No time commitment too small here – it literally takes a tribe to put on this amazing party and fundraiser!


FTE Directory – Verify, Advertise, Create and Purchase!

Information verification deadline is Friday, September 15th. Please email ftedirectory@gmail.com with any updates to your information that is printed in the directory.


Advertise or give a shout-out to your student! – Great way to support and advertise to your FTE community. Special messages to your students (those outgoing 5th graders perhaps) are also welcome (several different sizes and prices to select from in our directory pages). Please contact Ann Boren at ftedirectory@gmail.com for more info.

Don't forget to purchase your directory at https://www.studentinfohub.net/fte/default.taf?process=&logout=now Deadline is September 15th for directory!




Bus Buddies – All our K and 1st graders have navigated the bus system thanks to our 4th and 5th grade bus buddies!  Huge thank you to Christine Parker for leading this effort!  If you are interested in chairing this position next year please reach out to the booster club at ftebccopres1@gmail.com


FTE Spirit Wear!! – Thank you to Shannon De Leon so putting together such an amazing spirit wear line-up!   If you missed your chance to order this time don't worry there will be other opportunities and new products coming soon!!


Box Tops!

It's time for the September Box Tops Contest:  The class that turns in the most Box Tops by September 22nd will win an EXTRA RECESS!  The teacher of the winning class will win 2 Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Tickets and Popcorn and Soda!  

Student Prizes:

1st - $25 Gift Certificate to Austin's Pizza

2nd - Gift Certificate to Amy's Ice Cream

3rd - Turn in 50 Box Tops and receive a Gift Certificate to the School Store and a chance to win a vinyl monogram from Kelley Edwards Design.


Look for your Box Tops Collection Sheet in the Thursday Folders or online at https://sites.google.com/a/eanesisd.net/fte/booster-club/box-tops-for-education.   We earned $4110 through Box Tops last year.  That's $1644 more than the year before!  Let's see if we can earn even more this year!  Expired Box Tops will not be counted.  Thank you for supporting FTE through Box Tops!  Please email kelley.a.edwards@gmail.com with any questions.


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