October 26th, 2017                 

Forest Trail Elementary


"There is no way that if you get participation out of a person can they say you didn't rock it."  - Jam Master Jay


At Forest Trail we consistently stress the value of not just participation…but active participation.  Your students hear it every day in the classroom and in PE.  I would even go out on a limb that their own extra-curriculars have stressed the importance of being a part of something bigger than themselves and making a contribution, no matter how big or small, to the betterment of the collective whole.


Great news, Forest Trail Families, EEF has provided us with an opportunity to be models for our community and our students.  LET'S ROCK IT!


Last year, your contributions allowed EEF to fund 50 positions district wide - four of which are right here at FTE. If our funded positions were not available, our class sizes could increase substantially. Imagine your child's class and add 5 more students. (That sound you just heard was the sound of teachers shuddering at the thought of over-sized classrooms.) If your child is the recipient of any specialized instruction ranging from GT services to any of our interventions and all things in between…imagine the focused instruction that could be lost if that teacher was not here to do their job.  Music, Art or PE classes could hover around 35 students per section. That's a lot of bodies in small spaces moving around.  Class sizes can have a direct correlation to more focused instruction and successful academic experiences for students.


Donating to EEF affords students of our district unique opportunities that have become standard expectations in our community.  These standards and commitments enable our students to be better equipped for life while in EISD and life beyond. 


"Alone we can do so little; together we can do much." – Helen Keller

(Threw in another quote just in case the Run DMC quote missed the mark)


Our goal is 100% participation, folks.  We would love to have every family actively participate in our efforts. There is no suggested amount other than what you are able to give.  Think about the difference a class with 100% participation can make.  A grade level? A campus?  The entire district?  Having been away from EISD in recent years, I've seen the struggles of districts who do not reap the benefits from organizations like EEF.  The augmentation of the student experience afforded by them is powerful and beyond measure.  Thank you for your time, consideration and participation.


Obviously, this goes beyond giving the principal a haircut for the most represented class.  But for you competitive folks out there, Mrs. Berrios is our leader.  She is leading with only 25% participation.  We'll certainly take it, but it is anyone's game in the race to shave my head!  There is no nation like a donation, and they all add up. Twenty dollars, thirty dollars, one hundred dollars any and all contributions prove to be invaluable.






Tuesday, October 31st, is Costume Day at Forest Trail! 


Forest Trail Costume Day Guidelines:


1.       Our normal dress code applies.

2.       No masks or face paint will be allowed. Teachers must be able to identify students.

3.       No costumes that depict violence, gore, fake-blood, etc. will be allowed.

4.       No real or pretend weapons, including toy guns, fake knives, or pretend swords will be allowed.

5.       No props will be allowed, including lightsabers, footballs, shields, etc.

6.       Costumes should not hinder the ability to move and participate in PE and recess.

7.       Students should wear the correct shoes for PE.

8.       Costumes should not prohibit students from using the bathroom independently.




Where is the Place to be on November 1st, at 12pm….Helping to Plan the Party of the Year at FTE!

Please join our fabulous Auction Chairs, Missy Speer and Mercedes Smith at the Speer's home located at 1513 Bay Hill Drive in Lost Creek on November 1st, at 12pm.  Don't be intimated by the word auction!  There are so many easy, fun and important opportunities to help make this year's auction a success.   Please email fteauction@gmail.com  if you have questions or just stop by the Speer's home next week to hear more about this year's auction and find a way to help!



If you ordered a 2017-2018 directory on the HUB, it should be coming home with your child this week. If you believe that you ordered a directory but have not received one, please check your order history on the HUB first and then report any missing directories to ftedirectory@gmail.com.   Thank you to our directory sponsors: Austin Pizza, Jennifer L. Walden, MD, PLLC, Tracey Lazorik Realtor with Diane Dopson Properties, Brick by Brick Moving, Mari Jackson, Relator with All Access Texas, Jackie Van Meter with Modern Luxury Magazine, Austin Yard Signs, Insty-Prints, Titleist Asset Management, LTD., Kristen Fojtik Realtor with Realty Austin, and the families of the 5th grade girls.


Movie Night is Friday, November 10th!

The Booster would like to invite all Forest Trail families and Staff to Movie Night on the FTE Field on Friday, November 10th, with set movie starting at 6:30.   We will be showing SING.  Bring your family, lawn chairs, flashlights, blankets, snacks and beverages to the FTE Field at 6:15pm to set up for a fun outdoor screening of the movie Sing at 6:30pm.


STEAMfest is next week, Friday November 3rd.   A few important reminders!

·   Eat a good breakfast as there will be NO morning snack.

·   Send your child to school with a snack, closed-toed shoes, and clothing he/she can get dirty.  Can be a messy/fun day!

·   Cafeteria service will be available this year

·   Unless you are signed up to volunteer, please do not come up to school to visit your child on STEAMfest day. This day is very crowded and parking is limited.


October Box Top Contest!

Box Tops Due October 27th.  Various prizes will be awarded, but each class that turns in 250 Box Tops will win an Extra Recess!  For collection sheets, participating products list and list of prizes go to https://sites.google.com/a/eanesisd.net/fte/booster-club/box-tops-for-education

For any additional questions about Box Tops contact Kelley Edwards at kelley.a.edwards@gmail.com.

Don't forget to purchase your November Digital Birthday Cards!

Purchase a digital birthday card for your child and have the image run on the FTE communication screens in the foyer and the cafeteria the month of his/her birthday!   Fun way to celebrate a special day all month long.  Digital cards can be purchased on the HUB and are $10 each. Cards can be purchased at: 





4101 Bee Cave Road, Austin, Texas 78746


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