What the Booster Club Funds

What do we fund, anyway?

The FTE Booster Club manages over two dozen committees. These break down usually into one of two categories: fundraising committees, and school support committees. 

Here we will provide examples of our actual expenses. Some expenses are initiated by committees that support our school, and some are by staff request, such as these. We will be updating this page throughout the year to give our members and donors an idea of where their dollars are spent. 

Staff-requested items funded by the FTE Booster Club in 2015-16 include, but are not limited to:

Laminating Tray for Copy Room Copier
Cow Eye for GT
Speaker and Reimbursement for Travel and Meals
Paper Cutter Maintenance (Art Room, Copy Room and Front Office Cutters)
Science Materials for 4th Grade
Leveled Reading Materials for 1st Grade
2015-16 Math Subscription Renewal + New Membership for LA (3rd grade)
Supplies for Teachers (Brand new to teaching)
Supplies for Copy Room + Clock for Michael Buthe
2015-16 FTE AR Subscription Renewal
Dry Erase Board for Michael Buthe
Clear Tub for Sand and Water & Classroom Thermometer
3 Basketballs for Playground
Supplies for Copy Room
Walkie Talkie Replacement for the Library
Books for Sherrie Johnson (GT)
Books for Monica Etter (Counselor)
Books for Kim Fromberg (3rd Grade Teacher)
Books for Ashley Krause (RTI)
District Required Red Folders for Filing (IP) & Copy Room Supplies
Bouncy Bands (Wendell 5th Grade Class)
Laminating Film
Leveled Reading Materials for 2nd Grade
Laminating Film
Books for Sites (IP)
Books for Berrios (5th Grade Teacher)
Books for Buchanan (5th Grade Teacher)
Books for Wendell (5th Grade Teacher)
Labels for IP
Supplies for Copy Room
Egg Candler for Kinder (Science)
Drawer Organizer for Legos
Books for RTI
Supplies for Art (Posterboards)
5 Additional Add-on Subscriptions
Leveled Reading for 1st Grade (Rigby Books)
Science Supplies for 2nd Grade (Bug Boxes)
Book for RTI
Registration for Social Thinking Conference (Add-on)
Science Supplies for 5th Grade
Science Supplies (Butterflies) for 2nd Grade
Science Supplies (Sharks) for 4th Grade
Science Supplies
Science Supplies for 4th Grade
Third Grade Show
Copy Paper
Broom for Mrs. Linder
Music for Last Assembly
Cash Box for School Store
Music for Last Assembly
Fish for MARE (Science)
Music Video Supplies for Mr. McCasland's Retirment
Buses for 2015-16 Field Trips


Time for Kids 3rd and 4th Grade Edition
National Geographic (Explorer Trailblazer)
Time for Kids 5th and 6th Grade Edition
Night Zookeeper 1 class online subscription
Time for Kids 5th and 6th Grade Edition
Stem Scopes
USA Studies Weekly (TX5)
IXL Math (K-5) LA (3-4)