Madelynn Arnold, Melissa Blue, and LB Townsend, Co-Chairs

May 2017 Update

Summer Garden Volunteers Needed!

A note from our FTE Garden Co-Chairs:

We're winding up another green and glorious spring growing season in our lovely garden!  Thanks to our dedicated classroom volunteers who helped link plantings to student studies.  Kindergarten grew snap peas, radishes, lettuce and several types of flowers.  Second grade grew cucumbers, herbs and skinny french beans, along with the host and nectar plants of their Painted Lady butterflies.  First grade grew bountiful salsa gardens, which will continue to produce throughout the summer!

If your family is available for two days/week, you can help harvest these fruits of summer while helping our soil stay active and alive.  A Garden Committee member will show you how!  

Please sign up to be an FTE Garden summer volunteer here!

Thanks also to the parents who coordinated classroom Harvest Celebrations this week.  Hopefully many students tasted and enjoyed something new!  Kids who participate in growing school gardens eat a wider variety of fruits and veggies- they want to taste what they grow.  Taste of flowering dill or cilantro anyone?  And who doesn't love tasting fresh stevia?  What, you've never tasted fresh stevia?  Come visit the garden and sign up to help this summer!

With kind regards,

Outgoing Garden Committee Co-Chairs:

Madelynn Arnold

Melissa Blue

L.B. Townsend

Fall 2016 Update
Welcome to the FTE Garden!: News from the Garden Gate

Our garden is thriving right now!  We're so happy that many families visited our garden this summer and have expressed interest in the garden so we'd like to share the story of how this garden grew.

Before school ended last year, families signed up for a week to care for the garden.  They helped pull the spent spring veggies, sowed black eyed peas and mulched all beds below the rock wall. Peas fix nitrogen in the soil.  They're a good crop to grow between growing seasons to naturally recharge the soil.  We left the zinnias and herbs, planted by Kinder, 1st and 5th in Spring, for pollinators and seed harvesting.  The irrigation system was fixed early in summer and watered three times per week, Volunteers watered twice/week.  There was a timely boost of rain mid-August.  The results are amazing and inspiring as to what our garden can produce when we work together!  We've had a bumper crop of black eyed peas and the zinnias, now over five feet tall, have provided nectar for many visiting butterflies.

Bravo! to our summer garden volunteers and their families!  
Joanna Wang
Gayathri Masilamani
Zinmaio Zhao 
Jennifer Laessig
Julie Lass
Shannon Fohn
Jackie Van Meter

We're currently planning fall gardens for 3rd, 4th and 5th grades.  We'll be in touch with lead teachers, grade reps and classroom garden volunteers next week.  Kinder, 1st and 2nd grades will garden in the Spring.  Thank you parents and Booster Club for your support of garden education at FTE!