Fifth Grade Video Project

Christie Schultz, Chairperson

What is the Fifth Grade Video Project?

A treasured tradition at FTE, every year during the graduation ceremony the Graduation Committee brings nostalgic family members and staff alike to happy tears when it plays a video approximately 10-minutes long. This video features group photos of the graduating class, from Kindergarten through 5th grade, having fun and growing up before our eyes. 

This project is dedicated to the Class of 2023, who were in:
  • Kindergarten 2010-11
  • 1st Grade 2011-12
  • 2nd Grade 2012-13
  • 3rd Grade 2013-14
  • 4th Grade 2014-15
  • 5th Grade 2015-16

Photo Submissions

Below are guidelines for submission.
  • Who should submit photos
    • Each fifth grade parent is asked to submit 5-10 digital photos of their fifth grader with other fifth graders
    • Teachers, scout leaders, coaches, etc. may also submit photos of groups of fifth graders
  • Criteria for photos to submit
    • Quality: Photos should be clear, not blurry
    • Date range: Dates of photos should range from Kindergarten-5th grades
    • Subjects of photos: 
      • Photos should feature four or more fifth graders from FTE, not vacation photos with family unless classmates are also in the photo. The more classmates in the photo, the more likely it is to get used.
      • Groups of four or more graduating fifth graders in the same photo - photos of individuals cannot be considered
      • Photos from sports events, etc. are OK as long as they feature kids from the class. 
  • *Rename the photo files* - this is the most important piece of all
    • Please rename the photo file to reflect the first initial and last name of each child in the photo. This is imperative to ensure that each child is accounted for in the photo catalog. (In creating the video, careful attention will be placed on equally representing each child, and a face recognition software program will be utilized to facilitate. Properly naming each face with the correct name is super important.)
For example, if the original file name is DSC1001.jpg, please rename this to "JSmithDJonesBEdwardsAThompson1.jpg". 

Subsequent photos can be named similarly in that series, e.g. JSmithDJonesBEdwardsAThompson2.jpg, JSmithDJonesBEdwardsAThompson3.jpg, etc. 

You may also rename the file after you have uploaded it by right-clicking on your file. Very easy! :)

Do these photos need to have been taken in fifth grade, or can I send photos from prior years?  
They don’t have to be photos from the 5th grade year. Photos from prior years are needed! They just need to be photos of students in this year's FTE fifth grade class.
I have a really great photo of our family vacation to (Paris, Disney World, Hawaii, Waco, etc.). Can I send it in?
Family photos probably won’t be used in this video unless it shows a group of students in this year’s FTE fifth grade class.
I have a team photo of a group of FTE fifth graders from when they played basketball together last year. Are photos from outside of school OK? 
Yes, photos from outside of a school setting are OK as long as they show a group of students in this year’s FTE fifth grade class. 
I have hundreds of photos and I don’t have time to sort through all of them. Can I just submit all of these photos and let you sort through them? 
No, please pick 5-10 that fit the criteria.