Fifth Grade Service Project

Julie Jones, Chairperson

The graduating fifth grade class has a heartwarming tradition of leaving our school even better than when they came. They work collaboratively on a service project, something that beautifies, improves the functionality, or otherwise betters Forest Trail for years to come. 

This year's contribution was a huge success! Check out this gorgeous mural that the fifth grade class will leave at FTE as its legacy!

Congratulations to FTE Booster Club Chairperson and EANESpiration Winner Julie Jones!

We extend a special congratulations to our FTE Booster Club Chairperson of the Fifth Grade Service Project, Julie Jones, who along with her husband Andy Jones earned an EANESpiration Award on April 10th for their above-and-beyond dedication to the mural project located on the cement walls between the third grade portables, the Library, and the Cafeteria.

Julie and Andy committed much personal time and effort to pursuing this creative service project by the 2016-17 fifth grade class. We are proud that this collaboration between the Gifted and Talented Specialist Mrs. Johnson, Gifted and Talented students, and the Fifth Grade Service Project Committee has yielded such a beautifying effect to FTE that will last for years to come.