AmazonSmile is a part of the Community Partners Committee

What is AmazonSmile?

AmazonSmile is a program initiated by to support nonprofits. If you choose to participate from within your own account, a .5% portion of AmazonSmile-eligible items sold will be donated back to the Forest Trail Elementary Booster Club. Read more about AmazonSmile here.

How You Can Help: Get Linked!

Link your account to the FTE Booster Club AmazonSmile account!

Every sale that is eligible will add up for FTE! donates millions of dollars annually to nonprofits. Let's be a one of the big winners! 
This is especially important
over the Holidays
If the average FTE family links their account to our AmazonSmile account, and spends $200 on this school year, the Forest Trail Booster Club would make over $4,000! 

This money stays on the FTE campus, funding curriculum and supplies needs, field trips, enrichment opportunities, and much moreFTEBC stands to passively benefit thousands of dollars just because we told that we want our kickbacks to go to FTEBC! 

If you're having trouble, see the below step-by-step instructions on how to get linked.

Doesn't Work on Mobile Purchases

Purchase made via the mobile app cannot be applied to the FTE AmazonSmile program unfortunately. If you would like to make sure your purchases support FTE please use the desktop version and make sure you see the "AmazonSmile" logo on the left with a message that you're supporting the FTE Booster Club.

Periodically Make Sure You're Still Linked

Once you are a part of the program, please make sure that every visit is linked to FTEBC. Sometimes we get logged out, or our browser history gets cleared. As you begin your shopping session, please make sure that you see that your account remains linked to FTEBC. 

How to Get Linked: Step-by-Step Instructions 
(instructions in blue to differentiate from the screen shot images)

1- Link to the FTE Booster Club AmazonSmile account here. You will see notifications like these to confirm that you want your purchases to benefit the FTEBC, and to ask you if you'd like to install the Amazon Assistant for Google Chrome to make sure that your purchases benefit FTEBC whenever possible. 

2- Shop as usual. While shopping, you can tell if an item you are considering is eligible for AmazonSmile, like this. Note the "Eligible for AmazonSmile donation" underneath the "In Stock" line on the right.


3- Check on your contributions as you wish. Hover over "Forest Trail Elementary Booster Club" and you'll see this window. Then click on "Your AmazonSmile impact" to see how much your purchases have contributed to FTEBC.

Thank you for supporting FTE!