School Supplies

Merideth Jones, Chairperson

Welcome to the FTE School Supplies page! 

Pricing details posted soon here- purchase option is open now using link above!

About School Supplies at FTE

School supplies online ordering is an optional service that has become invaluable to FTE parents. A thorough review is conducted to determine the specific supplies that each grade level needs for the upcoming school year: teachers procure the list that they deem essential for their students' success, and then the Booster Club School Supplies Chairperson finds the most economical and efficient way to package those needs for parents to purchase online. 

All parents are encouraged to take advantage of this fantastic, easy way to get your child’s supply needs purchased with one click rather than hunt down supplies in August before school starts.

Pre-ordered supply package sales will close at the end of May (coinciding with the end of the school year).

Supplies will be delivered to your child’s homeroom class in time for Muffin Morning in August.