Weekly Popcorn

Monica Jones and Mia Townsend, Co-Chairs

Join a Weekly Popcorn popping team! 

What is the weekly popcorn program at Forest Trail?
We discovered long ago that our kids (and staff!) like popcorn. Well, actually, they LOVE popcorn! So we figured out a way to enjoy a weekly popcorn treat at school that makes us all happy while raising money for our school!
How can I purchase popcorn for my child?
Parents can purchase popcorn through our online store in the Hub.
When can I purchase popcorn for my child?
Parents can purchase at any point during the school year. However it's best to purchase at the beginning of the year to avoid disappointment for those kids who wanted popcorn but didn't order it in time for the first popcorn delivery date. 
How much does it cost?
$25 per student per school year.
Are there weeks when the popcorn schedule is different?
Yes!  Those days are publicized via emails from the school and/ or notations on the FTE and FTEBC calendar
What are the ingredients?
Corn kernels, oil, and sea salt are the ingredients. 
My child doesn't like popcorn - do we have to buy it?
No! Simply send a snack of your choice for your child on popcorn day if applicable for your class/ grade.
If this is a fundraiser, where do the funds go?
After minimal supply costs are covered, proceeds go directly to the Forest Trail Booster Club.
This sounds like a fun project - can I volunteer to help?
YES! Currently we need a Deep Cleaning Chairperson, who essentially makes sure that someone (not necessarily themselves) gets the machines deep-cleaned every few months. Also we would love volunteers to help pop the popcorn and bag it for students on the morning of popcorn days. Please contact Monica Jones or Mia Townsend to learn more about volunteering.