Parent Socials (formerly Progressive Dinners)

Meghan Sorrel and Carrie Wilkin, Co-Chairs

What are Parent Socials at Forest Trail Elementary?
Parent Socials, formerly called Progressive Dinners, is a longstanding tradition within each grade level in which a social event is planned, produced, and attended by parent volunteers. These dinners are highly anticipated FUN evening events often featuring fantastic food and beverage choices, as well as the company of dozens of other parents in your child's grade level.  

Who are the hosts?
Hosts are fellow parents of students in your child's grade level. There are two ways to host: offer your home or other venue, or provide food or drink for the event. Food or drink co-hosts work with other co-hosts to determine the best ways to work together to produce a great event. If you are interested in becoming a co-host for your child's grade level, click here to apply to become a co-host.

What does it cost? How do I purchase a ticket?
Tickets are sold via the Hub. Tickets are $45 per person.
Are kids allowed?
No, this is all about parents having fun without the kiddos!  Book a sitter and prepare for a fun night just for big people.
What if I cannot attend after purchasing tickets?
We aren't able to refund, but you may find (an)other guest(s) who may buy/ can use your ticket(s). 
Where do the funds go?
The Parent Socials program is one of several fundraising efforts for the Forest Trail Booster Club, and all funds collected are donated to the Booster Club to pay for programs that enrich the school. All hosts and organizers of Parent Socials are parent volunteers and financially cover costs for these events.  We are so very thankful for to the Forest Trail community for their ongoing support of this fun annual tradition.

Archived Events: 2016-17 Parent Socials 


Kindergarten / Class of 2029
Date: November 4, 2016 at 7:00pm
Location: Home of Erica & Hobbs Allison 
Theme: Vote FTE!
Tickets: no longer available
Erica and Hobbs Allison
Shelley and Joey Berger
Stephanie and Cobie Buchman
Meredith and Patrick Duncan
Kate and Scott Flack
Shannon and Doug Fohn
Allison and Rob Johnson
Angela and Patrick McCowan
Meghan and John Sorrel
Leah and John Turner
LB and Brad Townsend

1st Grade

1st Grade / Class of 2028
Date: Saturday, January 28, 2017
Location: Home of Mary Katherine & Steven Stout
Theme: Mardi Gras
Tickets: no longer available

2nd Grade

2nd Grade / Class of 2027
Date: Friday, April 21, 2017
Location: Home of Heather & Brad Singleton
Theme: Groovy '70's
Tickets: $45 each, available on the Hub through Sunday, April 16th at 10pm
Kate & Ed McGrath
Shelley & Brent Bates
Paige & Josh Darby
Elizabeth & Doug Hooks
Hema & Mahesh Reddy
Carissa & Andrew Milam
Christie & Derrick Schultz
Heather & Brad Singleton
Jenny & Mike Sutter
Amy & Jeff Sweeney

3rd Grade

3rd Grade / Class of 2026
Date: Saturday, April 22, 2017
Location: Home of Londi & Dave Murray
Theme: Yacht Rock
Tickets: $45 per person, available on the Hub
Elizabeth and Doug Hooks
Tracey and Mike Lazorik
Kimberly and Dan Leonard
Vivian and Eric Min
Kelly and Josh Moore
Londi and Dave Murray
Teri and J.D. Smart
Kirin and Marcelo Vieira
Dee Dee and Brendan Wood

4th Grade

4th Grade / Class of 2025
Date: Saturday, April 1, 2017
LocationHome of Carrie & Kurt Wilkin
Theme: '90's Jam
Tickets: no longer available
Cristen & Alan Daniel
Renee & Matt Day
Ingrid White & Ross Engledow
Kelley & Frank Edwards
Anne & Lane Grigg
Mari & Edison Jackson
Julie & Jonathan Lass
Virginia & Jed Miracle
Annabelle & Larry Perdido
Marcy & Eddie Smith
Carrie & Kurt Wilkin

5th Grade

5th Grade / Class of 2024
Date: Saturday, March 25, 2017
Location: Home of Jaynie & Jim Degnan
Theme: Wig & Stache Bash
Tickets: no longer available
Jaynie and Jim Degnan
Corrie and Tony and Corrie Henderson
Tracey and Mike Lazorik 
Leska and Grant Leska McCall
Londi and Dave Murray
Grayce and Brian Parker 
Kristin and Jason Paull  
Tana and Derek Southard 
Gabrielle and Lyndon Tilson 
Kimberly Frost and Patrick Whitenight