Christie Schultz, Chairperson

What is the FTE Website?

Forest Trail Elementary holds a unique distinction in its unequalled level of parent participation.  Hundreds of parents each school year contribute their time, financial resources, and talents to help our fantastic staff in making our school the amazing place it is for our kids.  It's our connection to our school and to each other that makes us great.  Truly, it takes a village. 

As a highly connected school that excels in technological education, we felt we needed a highly connected technology portal.  The Forest Trail Booster Club is currently expanding its Booster Club portal to encompass all facets of the Booster Club and its events.  We have grown from a simple file upload function for meeting minutes, to built out pages with robust functionality ranging from communications to data gathering to e-commerce linking.  Your feedback is welcome as we are always seeking the most efficient ways to connect families with our awesome school.

Staff and Booster Club chairpersons, please send all requests for postings to Christie Schultz.