Ann Boren, Chairperson

What is the FTE Directory?

The FTE Directory is a bound booklet listing all of the FTE families who opted in to be published. It contains class lists, the school calendar, and FTE family contact information. It is a not only a helpful tool but also is a fundraising effort that directly supports our FTE kiddos! 

FTE Directory Deadlines!

Here is the latest directory news from our FTE Directory Chair, Ann Boren.

  • FTE Cover Art Contest: Winners will be notified soon. Runner-ups from each grade will be printed inside the directory with the class lists.

  • Purchase a directory: Directories are available for purchase on the Hub now!

How to Purchase

Purchase on the Hub now for $12.


Q:  Will my entry be copied from last year?

A:  Yes!  Unless you submitted changes during Muffin Morning at the directory table.

Q:  How can I submit changes to my family’s entry after Muffin Morning?

A:  You have only 1 option:  send changes (or new additions) via email.  You will receive an email reply once your changes have been made.

Q:  Will the information I provided on Skyward Family Access (during registration in early August) be used for the FTE Directory?

A:  NO.  This is completely separate from Skyward, which is the district’s online site for registration, grade books, meal plans, etc. Too many people opt-out of sharing on Skyward.  Our directory is much more complete (>95% participation) than the online Eanes directory.

Q:  What is the deadline to submit changes?

A:  Friday, September 16th.

Q:  Can I check my directory entry?

A:  Yes, email with your request.

Q:  We are new to the school.  What does the directory look like?

A:  It is a 5 ½” by 8 ½” spiral bound booklet containing family contact information, class lists, staff lists and contact information, local advertising, and student art!  A copy is kept at the front desk.  Bonnie or Cheri in the front office will be happy to let you look at it as long as you don’t walk off with it. :)

Q:  How can I purchase a directory?

A:  They are available for purchase on the Hub for $12.  All profits go to the FTE Booster Club.

From the Vault!: 2013-14 Directory Cover Art Contest Winners

Kindergarten Winner: Grant Seade 

1st Grade Winner (tied):
Cameron Lindsay

1st Grade Winner (tied):
Audrey Jackson

2nd Grade Winner: Collin Ege

3rd Grade Winner:  Lauren Creviston

4th Grade Winner: Eli Laby
5th Grade Winner: Kate Foster
Overall Runner Up: Grant Steinauer

Grand Prize:  Natalie Kim