No-Hassle Fundraiser

Paige Darby and Debbie Lopez, Chairpersons

Our No-Hassle Fundraiser was a *huge* success because of YOU!
We made it to about 73% participation schoolwide- an unprecedented show of support! 

Grade-level winning classes Ms. Culpepper (Kindergarten), Mrs. Harvey (1st grade), Mrs. Guerra (2nd grade), Ms. Fromberg (3rd grade), Mrs. Brookshire (4th grade), and Mrs. Hernandez (5th grade) enjoyed their Kona Ice parties on Tuesday, October 4th.

Coming soon!: Photos and videos of the classes’ excitement as they found out they were winners!)

Three top-participating classes, Ms. Culpepper, Mrs. Guerra, and Ms. Fromberg, all tied for 100% participation and will enjoy PE parties at various dates throughout the Fall.

Huge thanks to Paige Darby and Debbie Lopez who co-chaired this year’s fundraiser and led us to an unprecedented success! A few company matches haven’t posted yet, but our preliminary 2016-17 No-Hassle Fundraiser participation hit about 73%, and our donation total is currently at $52,347!!!  It’s a record-breaker, and it’s all because of you! We have been touched by not only the swell of parent support, but also by the grandparents, teachers, and the special envelopes from our own sweet students with coins and dollar bills in them. It’s been an amazing reminder what a fantastic community we are. Thank you, Forest Trail!

You can still donate to the FTEBC here.

What is this “No-Hassle Fundraiser”?

The annual FTE No-Hassle Fundraiser is our Booster Club’s means of raising funds to support FTE’s countless programs that are important to the education of our children but are not funded by the school’s operating budget.


How does the No-Hassle Fundraiser work?

This simple approach asks families to make a direct donation instead of gathering pledges or selling products. 100% of your donation directly funds the FTE Booster Club; as we are not contracting with an outside company to help us fundraise, we do not share the proceeds with any third party.

Where does this money go?
Money raised by the No-Hassle Fundraiser is used right here at FTE, filling in supply needs for our school, providing enriching programs for students such as fields trips and Science Fest, and affording staff appreciation opportunities. Please visit What the Booster Club Funds for more info.

How can our family participate?

Make a donation on the HUB today! You can choose from a list of specific items to sponsor (below), or make a donation in the amount of your choice. Every dollar counts and will go directly to the FTE Booster Club!  

Huge thanks to our sponsors!